About NOVA Internet Services, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in NOVA Internet Services, Inc.

NOVA is one of the oldest privately owned facilities based internet service providers in America. Though we didn't start out as the oldest - we have endured by maintaining our focus on providing quality internet services along with making sound decisions on technologies and products. Now, 15 years later, NOVA continues its core philosophy; to provide our customers with proven, reliable, and efficient internet services.

Nova maintains the highest standards of data service and performance. Our service offerings include scalable web and email hosting services, advanced connectivity tecnologies and access points in over 450 cities worldwide. NOVA is primarily a facility-based internet service provider. We sometimes utilize wholesale carriers and transport providers when practical or as required when utilizing providers operating under governmental monopoly.

We estimate that only 2% of the available hosting providers are facility based. Meaning that 98% are reselling or leasing hosted server space. What may be chief among concerns when using a virtual hosting provider is knowing who holds your website content and who has access to it. NOVA provides all of its hosted services on our own secure and reliable Network. Our servers are owned and maintained by NOVA and our employees undergo pre-employment background checks.